sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009

You won't forget to bring your eco-bag to the supermarket anymore!

To catch up the eco-friendly scene, everytime that I go to a supermarket or a grocery store, i try to take the my eco-bag!

however, i've never had this habit in brazil before, so i always forget to bring it with me! :(
but after discover this website, I will never forget my eco-bag anymore!

In the bagnesia (bag + amnesia) website you can buy several products that is useful in your daily life and you will never forget to bring your eco-bag again! fantastic!

check out this bagnesia kit:

Steering Wheel Wrap, Wrist Lanyard Key Chain, Carabineer Clip.... every product comes with a message for you never forget your eco-bag anymore!
q maaximo!

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