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discovering Napa Valley!

Long time no see, greeners!
Yeah, I can say that I spent the last weekend in a very good place!
I went to Napa Valley, Sonoma and Calistoga to check closer all the winery and vineyards that surround those 3 famous cities!

this is the map of napa valley and wine cities around

place to keep the wine

grape farm

huge grape farm

hmmmm tasting room!

more tasting room

trying the real grapes

usually the wineries open at 10am and close at 5pm or 6pm.

video to see the nice view of napa

And of course, I found out some nice vineyards and interesting organic stuffs there.
so let's check this out?

1st day in napa valley, I stayed in a very nice inn. yeah, i can say that i love inn. does anybody know if there are inn in brazil? i dont know anything about that.
different than hotel and motel, inn is usually a bed & breakfast place, not so expensive than a hotel, and not one night only as a motel.
Inn usually is a nice house that people sublet a room from couple of days and a offer a very nice and tradicional breakfast! soo good! So the sensation is that you're in a local house. sometimes, much better than a regular hotel.

for who become interested on the inn that i stayed is this one:
The Napa Inn

Now, about the wine! :)
There are lots of options of vineyards that you can visit. some places open to the public, some others just by appointment.

I tried to mix it up, so went to some famous and big vineyards, small ones and of courses, organic ones too.

Talking with some local wine specialists around, i discovered that it's kinda hard to find some vineyard that has the label organic, certified organic place. Because, one time with the organic tag and if happen something with your grape farm like, unknown bugs come in, bad weather or some kind of nature desease, you cannot do anything about those topics. It means you can lost ALL your wine productions of the season! something too risky for the business.
although, those bad problems are not so easy to happen, so we can find some good wine made by organic methods. but without the tag. :)

Hagafen Cellars

in napa valley
one of my best vineyards so far!

small winery, about 10.000 bottles per year.
made with organic methods and good selections!
you can find this brand in wine specialized store only.
$5 for tasting the selection of white wine
$5 for the red wine
$10 for the premium wine of the house.

also, this is the only place that i found this awesome lipsticks.
made with wine tint, those organic lipstick are good idea for gift! i love that!

lots of options: merlot, pinot noir, rosé, cabernet

i chose the merlot lip tint!

now, this is the disney vineyard! welcome to Sterling Vineyards!

huge place, you have to buy the $20 ticket to take the trolley car and 5 tasting.

i dont like huge place, it seems very touristic place, and the wines are every common party wine. :(
but the view are the best ever.

good restaurant in napa valley!
i went to a very nice restaurant in napa valley. a premium vegetarian restaurant!
soo good!

its called Ubuntu.
try the salad farm! so fresh, so colorfull, so organic! hmmmmm

yeah, just to remember the old good times!
in some vineyards have parties with music and of course, lots of wine!
it remember me the time with queen and king celebrating something! cheers!

wino xing! watch out!

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