quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2009

Green Guide: São Paulo (is that really green?)

This is not a very new post, but the Planet Green Blog always makes compilations about green activities in a certain city.
In january, they wrote about São Paulo.

Look what they said about São Paulo: "there are plenty of green ways to navigate this urban jungle".
uauuu! i became curious about what green things we can do in my lovely city!

1. they wrote about Eden Fashion, in Vila Madalena, that makes clothes using 100% organic cotton.
(I was dissapointed that they didn´t mention about Osklen.)

2. They said to go to Mercado Municipal! ???? Ok. It´s a very nice place to go, but I didn´t know that go to a market is a green thing to do!

3. Urghh! They said to go to Terminal Rodoviário Tietê (!!!!) and take a bus to Santos or Guarujá!
woooowwwww, please, lots of trash and contaminate beaches there! noooooooooooo
they should indicate the north coast of São Paulo, and see really nice beaches as Juquehy and Ubatuba!!!!

4. and of course, they alert about the high crime rate. They advise to leave the valuables stuffs at home.

well, to check this post with your own eyes, its right here.

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