quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2009

Greener by design event

wowww, the greener by design event is coming soon on 19th and 20th may! it gonna happen in san francisco!
the greener by design an event to see who's innovating, who's succeeding, how they're producing products that aren't just greener, but better — and how you can put these strategies to work in the company.

i reeeeeally would like to go in this conference, but the price to get in is sooo expensive! :(
  • Package 1: One (1) conference pass + two (2) nights at the Palace Hotel for $1899.00 (a $675 savings)
  • Package 2: One (1) conference pass + one (1) night at the Palace Hotel for $1699.00 (a $590 savings)
  • Package 3: One (1) conference pass + one (1) seat at an exclusive dinner with Amnon Levav, Director, SIT International for $1499.00 (a $500 savings)**
well, i dont need stay in the hotel, because I already live in San Francisco! :)
and i dont need the exlcusive dinner too.

someone or some company or publicity agency is disposable to sponsor me?
i can give all feedback of the conference just paying my entrance in the event! :)
very nice deal, don´t you think?

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