segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2009

To help you buy the specific organic fruits

It´s hard to buy organic products everytime you go to the supermarket. They are so expensive! ui!
But if we know which fruit or vegetable that contain most pesticides, we can save money and just buy organic of this certain product.
Treehugger did a very helpful list about fruits that contain most pesticides.

The most scared thing is the fruits, that i'm used to eat almost everyday, are the top top contaminated!
check this out:

1. Peaches
top the list of most pesticide2. Apples
had 50 different pesticides found on them

3. nectarines
are third on the list of fruits with a high pesticide load

4. strawberries
With 38 different pesticides found

5. Pears

6. Oranges

Of course there are more fruits with pesticides, but I chose just those ones that is easily to find in any grocery stores in são paulo.
But if you wanna go deeper and wanna check the complete list, just click here.

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