segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2009

Food growers socialnetwork

Everybody in the nerdy/internet life already heard about Ning. A website that let you create your own socialnetwork!
Ok, this is really incredible! Imagine if you build your own Facebook! wow! could be huge and $$$$$!
Otherwise, it will be so hard (or even impossible) to develop your socialnetwork and try to compete and convince people to join your socialnet instead of facebook, orkut, yelp or whatever.

So, I was thinking about what reason someone would develop a socialnetwork???
I was nerding in my google reader yesterday, and then i found something that opens my mind!
A social community created throught Ning that is focused on food growers.
A place to learn from, connect and exchange with local growers and eaters.
wooww! this is amazing!

There are almost 850 members in Ooooby just to discuss about social enterprise into food growing projects. You can find events, workshop, film and courses related to cultivate your own food.

That´s a good idea to meet new people who enjoy some weird specific thing. ui!

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  1. another post by PSFK talking about ning and ooooby! uhuuu after than raponesa! go raponesa!