terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

Vinegar is from heaven

I need to comment this topic here, because ALL green blogs are posting about how wonderful the vinegar is good in our lifes!

yes, this is true! the acid thing that you put in the salad can make inumerous incredible things.

let's point every advantages the green blogs are highlighting about this nice product:

  • Vinegar is inexpensive
  • it's a environmentally friendly product
  • It doesn't hurt your home's air quality and the packaging and waste are pretty minimal
  • You can use like fabric softener
  • Vinegar as nail polish
  • It removes cigarette smells from clothes
  • Unstick gum from clothes
  • Gently and liberally apply vinegar to a sunburn to soothe the pain.
  • In the laundry area, it can Remove lint, Brightens Colors, Reduced Static, Reduced Soap Residue
  • Vinegar makes a great aftershave
  • Use vinegar to aid problematic skin
  • Vinegar cleans and softens hands.Vinegar Night Cream

"Use vinegar to beautify yourself and the planet"

some links to find out more about vinegar:
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