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Eco-September issue (part 1)

After all fashion shows that is happening all over the world, I decided to make an Eco-Fashion September Issue.
Everything related to green sustainable fashion. It means brands, clothes and activities that's connected to a sustainable attitude, recycled material, vintage products, locally-sourced production or it's worried about the carbon neutral issue.
Why September? Well, if you didn't watch the movie The Septemeber Issue yet, I'll explain very quickly. The september month is the january for the fashionistas and also because I've never seen before one single post contemplating such huge segment together. So, let's get started!

1. Magazine online
To start, we need some magazine, website and blogs like an eco- instyle.com with complete information about eco-fashion trends, top top eco-brands, celebrities green and some little gossip about it.

- Eco Fabulous has a little bit of everything, beauty infos, fashion, home, lifestyle.

- Ecouterre is a Inhabitat fashion blog. It's fresh and new!

- Style will Save us is a cool magazine online! Lots of information everywhere, it's also a shop online! This blog is the most fashion atmosphere look like. It's look young and cool!

- Kaight NYC has a blog format and bring lots of good tasting fashion infos.

- Eco-Chick is also a blog, but not too trendy. But sometimes, bring some good news.

2. The Green Fashion Show
This is a first fashion green event show. So nice! It's based in New York City and it shows the top sustainable brands in fashion segment.

ok, it's impossible to compare the style of the real fashion show with the green one, but we can check some nice sustainable style and the most important thing is that YES! it's possible to dress in a nice and sustainable way at the same time.

3. Jewelry

Sid Vintage concept is to buy vintage jewels and customize it. A recycle format.

Figs and Ginger is a Eco- Friendly sterling jewelry and also handmade.

Brilliant Earth
is an awesome diamond jewelry! The concept of the brand is recycled gold, platinum and diamond.

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