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Eco-September Issue (part 2)

4. Eco-Fashion brands
I can say that its not easy to find eco- clothes that just bright my eyes. Most of the sustainable clothes are made of natural fabric, it means there are a huge tendency to look like yoga clothes. t-shirt, sweater and pants that look very comfortable but not necessary attractive to a fashionista criteria.
But surprisingly, I found some nice stuffs. Yeahhh! Let's check this out.

The fashion designer of Thieves desires to harmonize the ethical commitments to sustainability with her passion for design

Alisson Parris is in my top top brands!
The founders’ commitment to eco-responsibility, the line uses sustainable, organic and/or repurposed fabrics without sacrificing style. The line also uses recycled PET satin, made from recycled soda bottles, to line many of its pieces.

Label is Natalie and Shawna brand and they are deeply committed to creating clothing from an ethical standpoint, utilizing, wherever possible, organic, renewable or reclaimed fibers for their garments. All production is by local contractors, with t-shirt designs drawn and printed by hand.
(I like this label, the collection has good key clothes and it's very young and fresh fashion. Easily to find in any urban outfitters stores.)

I live Mr Larkin. It's so feminine, so classic and chic!
In the website, it says that it's an eco project and the brand just participate at green fashion show in ny.

Loyale Clothing is a girlie and young collection. There are plaid shirts and dress, cutie short dresses and a very romantic bikini.

Loyale is a fashion-forward, sustainable clothing company that aims to make the simple act of getting dressed in the morning world

Leila Hafzi is definetely the kind of clothes to go to the red carpet. Glamourous, sexy and chic, I can imagine Angelina Jolie wearing it and making a green manifest. Awesome!

The highlight thing at Sterwart Brown is the knitting sweater! Love it!

I definetely LOVE Rani Jones. It's a brand that really understand what fashion is! Even the fashion catalogue, isn't the green brand stereotype with nature and yoga atmosphere. It's nice to see eco- brands like that and realize that you can be green and fashion at the same time! uhuuu rane jones rulesss!

Sans is the green conceptual fashion brand. I love it! I dont need say anything, just look at their clothes and you'll understand me what i'm talking about.

Goodone is fresh and young! A lot of colorfull and patchwork hoods! very nice!

Kaight is a blog and also sell clothes online! Good stuffs!

Gorman fashion is very feminine and they are worried about the carbon neutral.

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