quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

Eco- September issue (part 3)

Eco- Store online:
I found some fashion store online that all has this eco- tag on it.
so, check this out:

Kaight Nyc

Fashion- Conscience


Bahar Shahpar

Eco fashion showroom
A sustainable design press and show room.
If you are interested in open a fashion store with green and sustainable clothes, go and check this showroom.

Famous brand in green segment
My only one is a young green brand label that will start to sell their clothes in TopShop.
Green attitude in the hipster mind! uhuuu

Celebrities in the eco-fashion segment
We already commented about that, but its so September Issue put celebrities in the so green especial edition.

Bono Vox, aka U2 brand

Reco Jeans
Alanis Morissette brand jeans.

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