quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

Eco- September Issue (part 4)

Raponesa green choose the hit list of the eco-fashion brand.
This is must-have of the season, nice, comfortable, chic and green. What else do we need?

Warm Trenchcoat from Sans
We need a nice and warm trenchcoat

Conceptual Clothes from Sans
When you wake up inspired and wanna get a coffee feeling like a star!

Black dress
from Rani Jones
Because everubody need a black dress in the wardrobe

from Rani Jones
Because it's just a detail that make every outfit a good up!
Fake leather vest! niiceeee!

Black Glamourous Dress
from Leila Hafzi
We never know when we gonna have a fancy party or a prom, right?

from Loyale Clothing
Because I love the color and the layout!

Comfortable Dress from Mr. Larkin
This dress doesn't look sooo soft and comfortable! Everybody need a girlie and comfortable dress!

Black Ziper Skirt from Label
Well, because black skirt goes well with everything and it's always a chic option

Nude skirt from Alisson Parris
I dont even need to comment why i'm choosing nude color. It's must have now!
I would just change this blach tank top for something more organic, maybe a grey cotton top tank?

Color Dress from Gorman
I love comfortable loose dress that you just wear and it's ready to go!

Preppy look from Kaight
Nerd style!

Light dress from Goodone
It look so fresh and ready to ride a bike! loving it!

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