terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

Eco- September Issue (part 7) - last one!

This is the last section of Eco- September Issue and I would like to put some information that I consider important for the fashion world.

Producing a fur coat takes about 60 times the energy of making fake fur

Sad for carnival parties, but more than 5 million tons of chicken feathers are an annual by-product of killing chickens for meat.

the more 'distressed' a denim item is, the more energy and possibly toxic chemicals have gone into it.

I got the infos on the top, through here.

Everybody wants to look fashion and good. And now, the must-have guilt pleasure of a fashionista is to have a leather jacket!

And the question is: I want so bad a leather jacket, but I want to be green! Is that possible? And the answer is YES!
Its not because you are green that you have to dress like a dirty hippie! No!

A good alternative is look for a jacket in the 2nd hand store, because the vintage jacket is always unique and a green choice!
And also, as Stella McCartney already did it, is to use fake leather.
look this stella boots.

source here.

Hope you like the eco-september issue!
comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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