terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

Sustainable Beer

Who don't love beer? In a hot and sunny weather, enjoy the day outside with friends! hmmm nothing is better!
This pleasant situation reminds my lovely Brazil. Everybody having a big bottle of beer in some bar with friends, having good times. ahhhh
But now, even in this happy moment you can be sustainable! :) happier moment impossible!

I found out an incredible website called SustainaBrew and it's all about the sustainable side of beer. You can find all the hot news about the sustainable developments in the beer industry, from the largest commercial brewery to the smallest brewpub.

Also, they will inform the local and good seasonal beer around! Isn't is awesome?
HEy! Brazilian Beer companies or Advertising agency that works with beer company watch this new trend!!!!

hurry! go and check all this new trend, here.

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